1 october 2022 Gliwice

Gliwice Market Square

14:00 – 20:00 INFORMATION POINT 

MY FAUNY, an exhibition by members of the Faun-Art Artistic Association, Playing with Colour – painting together with children,

FaunArt Artistic Association, Fauns paint – painting with adults, 

FaunArt Artistic Association

Colourful plein-air, Monika Krasoń-Przybyła Art workshops for children, Margines Foundation

Blues ArtNight, Kajetan Drozd


Green Light exhibition, NieOdkładalni Foundation

Circus show, arts and crafts and animation for children

  1. Faun-Art Gallery, Forum Shopping Centre, 1 Lipowa St.,,

15:00-20:00 Anna Przybylska’s exhibition  “AKWARELA. TO LUBIĘ!” AKWARELA. I LIKE IT! 

15:00-20:00 “MOJE MALOWANIE” MY PAINTING. During the event, you will also be able to observe the artist during the creative process.

  1. Atrium Gallery, Związek Polskich Artystów Plastyków, Gliwice-Zabrze District, TECHNOPARK, 18C Konarskiego St.

16:00-18:00 Exhibition of works by Agnieszka Chrzanowska Małys – Batik on Handmade Paper.

  1. Square at the Architecture Department of the Silesian University of Technology

Exhibition of posters „Pełnia Przekroju” Fullness of the Cross-section.

  1. Krakowski Square

“Miasto Literatura Kadr” City Literature Frame – an exhibition of the winners of the competition for a comic strip inspired by writers connected to Gliwice.

  1. Melina Gallery, 16 Częstochowska St.,,

16:00–23:00 3×69=207 exhibition of posters by the teaching staff of the poster design studio located at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice 

21:00 Vernissage of the exhibition

  1. Victoria Cultural Centre, 18 Przyjaźni Avenue,

16:00-23:00 Exhibition of acrylic painting poster designs and album covers by Tadeusz Łuczejko.

20:00 Concert by Oskar Cenkier- a Polish composer and pianist of the young generation.

  1. Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury w Gliwicach “Youth Cultural Centre in Gliwice” (Complex of Schools and Educational Institutions No. 1 in Gliwice), 3 Barlickiego St.,

17:00-19:00 Creative Drawing workshop, registration:

18:00-22:00 Plastic not Fantastic photographic action, projection and interactive art installation

19:00-23:00 Paper mache workshop in the MDK (“Youth Cultural Centre”) library

19:00 Old-style fairy tales for children. Fairy tales, films, picture stories and tales on dispositive, i.e. slides and transparencies from the last century for children and older. 

  1. “Stowarzyszenie Animatorów Wszechstronnego Rozwoju Młodzieży” Association of Animator of Versatile Youth Development, 3 Barlickiego St.

15:00-21:00 Exhibition of works by students of the Secondary Art School in Gliwice. 

15:00, 16:15 and 17:30 Photography workshops “Światło i cień” Chiaro and Scuro, enrolment

15:00-18:00 Painting workshops led by experienced teachers of the Visual Arts Secondary School in Gliwice, enrolment

15:00-17:00 Painting and gilding workshop Picasso vs Klimt, enrolment

16:00-18:00 Drumming workshop, registration

16:00-18:00 Journalism workshops 

19:00-22:00 Workshop „Tworzymy maski – papieroplastyka” Making masks – papier-mache, enrolment

17:00-18:30 Woodburning workshop, enrolment

17:00-19:00 Film screening 

Workshop enrollment can be made by calling 784-993-217 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.).

9.UFFO studio, 36 Zwycięstwa Street /1st floor 

19:00-21:00 Presentation of works by tutors and students

  1. The 12 Gallery, 12 Zwycięstwa St.,

16:00-22:00 Exhibition of photography by Michał Mrozek

  1. Nowa Prowincja Café & Wine Bar, 8 Dolnych Wałów St. (old post office building, entrance through the garden gate), phone number: +48 535709650,

11:00-23:30 An exhibition of paintings by Kamila Rudnicka 

16:00 Vernissage of the exhibition

  1. Association of Polish Artists, Gliwice-Zabrze District, 6 Studzienna St.

16:00-21:00 Upper room,exhibition: Prof. Krzysztof Dadak, painting on metal 

18:00 Meeting with the author

18:00 Show: portraits and caricatures are going to be drawn by the artist Mirosław Goliszewski

16:00-21:00 Gallery in the Grounds “Galeria w Przyziemiu”, lower hall, exhibition of ceramic sculpture: Ewa Pokorska-Ożóg and Oldrich Krsicka

17:00 Meeting with the artists

  1. Galeria Brama, Krótka 1-3 St.,

16:00-23:00 „Wszystko na sprzedaż” Everything for sale, a group exhibition of artists collaborating with the gallery. 

  1. Art Gallery Maria Wójciak, Rynek 15

16:00-23:00 Visiting the Gallery’s exhibition- works by renowned Polish artists, graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts

15 Stacja Artystyczna Rynek, Rynek 4-5 St.,, tel. 504 676 972

16:00-23:00 Exhibition of works by Przemysław Truściński and Wojciech Stefaniec

18:30 Exhibition vernissage with the participation of the authors

  1. Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej ESTA, 8 Raciborska St. 


16:00-23:00 exhibition Conversation. “Pary do pary” Pair to a Pair

  1. Galeria ArtStudio ul. Dolnych Wałów 28

16:00-23:00 meetings and panel discussions devoted to photography. 

  1. Antykwariat Kawka | Lufcik na Korbkę Theatre, 11 Siemińskiego St.

16:00-18:00 “Baśnie na Warsztacie” Fairy tales at the Workshop: telling fairy tales and about fairy tales, a kids’ interview with the fairy tale teller

18:00 Oh buuon the Trail of Feelings: a meeting for parents and tutors 

19:00 “Klub Książki Kobiecej” Women’s Book Club: meeting and discussion entitled: „Gliwickie inspiracje literackie. Proza, poezja, piosenki stąd”, Gliwice literary inspirations. Prose, poetry, songs from here.

20:00 “Młoda dramaturgia ze Śląska” Young Dramaturgy from Silesia – interview with Michał Łukowicz

21:00 Reading of dramas by actors of the Lufcik na Korbkę Theatre

22:00 From the bottom of the drawer – a concert of music flowing straight from the soul. 

  1. the „Kolorowa” Café, 12 Aleja Majowa Streeté.Kolorowa.Gliwice/, tel. 32 231 60 09

Colourful Artistic Cultural Meetings “Kolorowe Artystyczne Spotkania Kulturalne” (KASK) 

10:00 – 21:00 Exhibition of paintings by Damian Wojnowski

18:00 Meeting with Damian Wojnowski and guided tour of the exhibition

20:00 Draw of a work donated by the artist

20 Rysunek Studio “Drawing Studio”, Korfantego 13/1, 

16:00-23:00 building an architectural sculpture together. Exhibition of students’ work.

  1. Pracownie Cafe Zygmunta Starego 43c, IG:

12:00-18:00 vernissage of the “Pracownie” Ateliers exhibition showing the different faces of our Pracownie and the effects of the workshops- possibility to make simple forms on your own

18:00-21:00 Concert

21:00-23:00 Film screening 

(detailed enrollment information – FB: Pracownie Cafe).

  1. Tattoo Museum, 16 Krupnicza St.,,, +48 602 772 152

10:00-23:00 exhibition ”Stanisław Szukalski i Szczep Rogate Serce”  Stanisław Szukalski and the Horned Heart Tribe

16:00-18:00 meeting with Ms Jolanta Frączek-Burkacka, daughter of Słońcesław from Żołyń, 

A member of the Horned Heart Tribe

  1. Czekoladziarnia, 12 Krupnicza St.,, 667 219 064,

10:00-23:00 Exhibition of paintings by the Gliwice-based artist Aleksandra Tęsny, who, in addition to traditional paintings, also creates atypical art using a mouse and the classic Windows Paint 24.

  1. Sklepik z marzeniami, 13 Górnych Wałów Street,

17:00–19:00 An exhibition entitled Dominika Ruta Painting

17:00-19:00 Cyanotype workshop

Registration: Facebook or

  1. Castle Café, 11 Bankowa St.

16:00-23:00 Exhibition of the Painting Group Ossianart entitled: „Jeszcze w zielone gramy” We Are Still Playing Green

16:00-17:00 Coffee Painting

17:30-18:00 Circle Dancing

18:15-19:15 Coffee Painting 

19:30-20:00 Circle Dancing

20:15 Musical surprise

  1. Centre for Social Initiatives, Art Night Circle Dance Point on Pod Murami Street- next to the Piast Castle, in front of the Castle Café;;; tel. 884 35 2244

17:30-18:00, 19:30-20:00 “Circle Dances on the Street”

  1. Na6 Gallery, 6 Matejki St. tel. 32 300 65 45

16:00 vernissage of the exhibition „Historie nie do końca. Oczywiste” The stories not quite. Obvious.

16:30 first part of Marek Boniek’s concert „Krajobraz z człowiekiem” Landscape with a Man

17:30 talks with authors in the Gallery, workshops – INSTAX photography show

18:30 second part of Marek Boniek’s concert

… a conversation about photography until the last guest 

  1. “Szkółka plastyczna” Art School and “Galeria za drzwiami” Gallery Behind the Door, 11 Bednarska St.

17:00-21:00 workshop „Beauty contained in the kimono”, registration: 507 326 733

  1. PasCuda (Pakudofonia Foundation), 8 Bednarska Street (in the courtyard) tel. 602 218 736,

15:00-… The opening of the PasCuda Charity Shop

16:00-17:00 Workshop „Moc ziół Magia Ziół – kadzidła” The Power of Herbs The Magic of Herbs – incense

17:30-19:00 workshop „Moc ziół Magia ziół – maść na reumatyzm i inne boleści” The Power of Herbs The Magic of Herbs – Ointment for Rheumatism and Other Pains 

20:00-21:15 Archaic singing workshop- slavonic songs 

Registration required for all

22:00-23:00 Concert of the Slavic folk group Śpiewnice

  1. Esencja tearoom, 8 Bednarska St. (in the courtyard) 

+48 883 099 749,,,, Instagram: herbaciarnia.esencja  

17:00-21:00 Chinese painting workshop

  1. Amok Cinema, 3 Dolnych Wałów St.,

Photo exhibition entitled. „Cierpienie” Suffering, Adam Mikołajczyk

17:00 Meeting with the Author

  1. Czarno Izba, 4 Wodna St.

16:00-21:00 Retrospection at the Czorno Izba Gallery – Rafał Pytel, Filip Milczanowski

16:00-21:00 “A sklej se” – an exhibition by pupils of 27th Primary School in Gliwice as part of the 'Modernization’ project on the occasion of the centenary of the opening of the textile house.

  1. WIT-WIT Theatre, 15 Jana Pawła II Street,

16:00-18:00 Acting workshop for children. (Puppet theatre) Making puppets and preparing a mini performance. Number of places is limited!

18:00-19:00 Wit-Wit cafe

19.00-20.00 Comedy performance entitled „Randka w Balatonie” A date in Balaton

21.00-22.00 Poetry concert by Tatiana Fisunowa (Ukrainian poet)

  1. DSCERAMIKA Pracownia, Jana Pawła II 14D FB/dsceramika, 

16:00-23:00 Exhibition „Kawałki lasu” Pieces of the forest by Aleksandra Kucias -a lover of slow life and ecology; Permanent exhibition of ceramic works in the DSCERAMIKA gallery

17:00-18:00 Monotype workshop for beginners

  1. Cechownia, 35a Bojkowska St.,; 516 276 782 

16:00-18:00 Creativity zone – painting a picture on canvas together. 

16:00-24:00 Group exhibition Gliwice Associations. 

18:00 vernissage of the collective exhibition “Gliwickie Asocjacje” Gliwice Associations

20:00 concert by Anchey Nocon (support: Sławek Krzakowski)

  1. Arena Gallery, CH Arena, 1 Jana Nowaka Jeziorańskiego St.

16:00. – 19:00 Exhibition of paintings, ceramics, glass, and artistic jewellery by artists of our association combined with sale, ZPAP artist on duty